Friday, September 3, 2010

Why do we forget about our home?

For the vast majority of people, our greatest investment is our home. We put more into that single purchase than anything else in out entire lifetime. It is one of the few things that we buy that increases in value over time. Our home is more than just an object; it is a reflection of who we are, where we have been…and where we will go. Over the years, a family makes lasting memories, cherished moments we take with us throughout our lives. I think most of us have an emotional connection to our homes…it is, well, our house. Our home.

Why then do we not put as much effort into our home as, say…our cars? Think about it…Everyone knows, and accepts, that our autos need to be cared for and maintained. Few people question $90.00 per hour (or more) to have their oil changed, tires rotated, brake pads and rotors checked and replaced. We all know that failure to conduct routine preventative maintenance will increase the chances that our car will stop working. Leave us stranded, put us in a difficult position, or worse…endanger our lives and that of our family.

When it comes to our homes, most of us turn on the hot water and assume the water that comes out will be hot. We do not think about the systems in our home that have to work day and night. Hot water heaters do last a considerable amount of time…but eventually every single one ever built will fail. It goes for our roofs, the air conditioner, heating systems, plumbing, and insulating efficiency. None does, nor can last forever. Unlike our cars though, we tend to wait until a catastrophic failure before we do anything about it. We wait until the hot water heater starts bellowing water, damaging other parts of our home before we act. We wait until it is 100 degrees outside and our a/c is blowing furnace-hot air before we have it serviced.


I think the answer to this question lies somewhere in a grey area. These critical components to our homes are designed to last many years. Because of this condition, we tend to forget they are there. We take that hot water in the tap for granted. We assume that our roof has many years left before the leaks begin. Money is tight and these items last a long time, so we push it to the back of our mind. I mean, who wants to shorten their Florida vacation by a day to apply that money into our home when everything seems to be working fine? Who really even wants to think about all this stuff?

That is when the light bulb went off in my head! (Albeit a very dim one)

I have spent many years honing my skills as a maintenance and remodeling expert. Why not apply these skills proactively instead of reactively?

SR Home-Care was born. It is really still in its infancy….but the general idea is this:

We have developed a comprehensive maintenance plan that has been crafted from research into mechanical/electrical systems, appliances, utilities, consumer agencies safety guidelines, and more. Each SR Home-Care package is tailored specifically for your home to sustainably control your home's condition, efficiency and cost. It combines the efforts of specialty contractors, inspectors, and handymen into a single powerful service, conveniently executed in quarterly appointments.

For more information, please visit:

We are still ironing out the specific details. Among them is how to reduce the cost of our packages. I have been considering offering a bi-annual package starting at $600 per year. This would include 2 inspections…an a/c check in the spring and a heating check in the fall. I also think that a commercial package could be helpful too for retail establishments.

Any suggestions or criticisms? I always welcome ways to improve Savannah Renovations and our services!

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